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The College of Engineering (CoE) is comprised of:

  • 12 departments, 330 faculty, 320 full-time staff, 8,200 undergraduate students, 1,500 graduate students
  • occupies approximately 800,000 assignable square feet in 40+ buildings both on and off the University Park campus

In addition, the College is engaged in a large capital plan project to bring two new large facilities online by 2023, the first phase of a decade-long Facilities Master Plan.

For general CoE Space Information, Penn State employees should access LionSpace FIS.

Space Requests

Faculty and staff should work directly with their Department Facilities Representative on the allocation of space. If personnel cannot fully utilize the space already allocated to their respective department, the Department Facilities Representative should reach out to CoE Facilities Administration. Every effort will be made to utilize existing space to make accommodations for new programs, growth of existing programs, swing space, etc.

If adequate space is not available in the department or the College, the CoE Facilities Administration will work with the Department Facilities Representative to submit a Space Request Form to OPP Planning, Design, and Properties (PDP).

The Department Facilities Representative should complete the following steps:

The CoE Facilities Administration will then:

  • Review the request and respond to the Department Facilities Representative with questions or request additional information if needed.
  • Complete any missing information

Work with the CoE Financial Officer to obtain final approval of the Space Request Form

CoE Facilities Administration will submit form to Office Planning, Design and Properties for further processing to determine space availability either elsewhere on University Park campus or off-campus (if appropriate)

Planning, Design and Properties will review space allocations and utilization of that space with LionSpace FIS as a determining factor in identifying need for additional space. It is imperative to keep your departmental information updated in the LionSpace FIS system throughout the year.

If you notice any incorrect CoE information in LionSpace FIS, please contact Susan Williams within CoE Facilities Administration.

In the event of a facilities concern:

  • Emergency: Call 911
  • After Hours Support: 814-865-4731



Facilities Administration serves the facilities needs of faculty, staff, and students in the College of Engineering. We are responsible for facility projects; general facility maintenance; space allocation; safety management and access control.

Facilities Administration

101 Hammond Building

The Pennsylvania State University

University Park, PA 16802-4710