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Access Management and Physical Security

Mission: To provide a safe and secure College of Engineering community consistent with the University’s mission, culture, and resources in order to maintain a welcoming environment that is conducive to higher learning and research.

The University access policy (AD 68) establishes the role of Access Coordinator and access procedures (SY2001) by which access to College facilities is managed. Access procedures (SY2001) outlines the responsibilities of the access coordinator and requires a Facility Access Authorization Request Form (FAAR form) for all keys.

The Master Access Coordinator for the College is responsible for implementing the University Access Policy (AD68) and authorizing an access coordinator for each College work unit.

The Department Access Coordinator is responsible for assigning keys or access credential device (ACD) to enable the key or ID holder to gain access to a building, room, or College work area. Maintains systematic and effective control of all keys, access devices and/or clearances for the rooms and/or buildings under the control and jurisdiction of the department. Each department has multiple access coordinators.

Request Key and Card Swipe Access

To request a key or card swipe (ACD) access to a College work area:

  1. Contact your Department Access Coordinator.
  2. Complete a FAAR form upon receipt of key/card swipe and each subsequent year that you remain affiliated with the University (annual audit).
  3. If your key is lost, notify your Department Access Coordinator as soon as possible.

Any questions, contact Mike Houser within CoE Facilities Administration.

In the event of a facilities concern:

  • Emergency: Call 911
  • After Hours Support: 814-865-4731



Facilities Administration serves the facilities needs of faculty, staff, and students in the College of Engineering. We are responsible for facility projects; general facility maintenance; space allocation; safety management and access control.

Facilities Administration

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