Lost and Found

Lost Items

If you lost an item on campus, contact the staff office (i.e., Mechanical Engineering Department, CoE Dean’s Office, etc.) where you believe you lost the item. Most offices will hold items until the end of the current semester. If not there, the office staff will direct you to the appropriate lost and found repository. If you are unsure where your item was lost, either send an email to lostandfound@psu.edu, describing the item lost and the location where you suspect the item was lost, or check the Repository Listing for a list of University Repository locations. The repository contact person will not release the item until you have provided enough details to identify the item.

Certain items (food, soiled clothing, pens and pencils, and other items valued at under $25) will be disposed of immediately.

Found Items

If you find a lost item on campus, turn it in to the nearest staff office (i.e., Mechanical Engineering Department, CoE Dean’s Office, etc.) as soon as possible. The item may then be transferred to one of the lost and found repositories on campus, and the repository will enter the item into the Lost and Found Tracking System and attempt to locate the owner and return the item. If the item is not claimed within 60 days, the repository will transfer the item to Lion Surplus so it can be returned to the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania (if required by law) or donated to the Trash to Treasure program.

In the event of a facilities concern:

  • Emergency: Call 911
  • After Hours Support: 814-865-4731


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